About Me

I was born at the end of 1969, in France, and followed scientific studies for long years, before working as an engineer in software development.I grew up with music and started playing several instruments (keyboard, guitar), but in fact, i was targeting singing. My musical influences are The Cure (the firsts albums), Depeche Mode, Skinny Puppy (THE band for me), Fields of the Nephilim, Sisters, of Mercy, Front 242, Heroes del silencio, Samael, and all the other ones (the specialists will understand...)
From the end of the 80's to the end of the 90's, i learned to play with different musicians, trying to build up a solid band. This was not an easy trick, but we finaly managed to initiate and maintain 'CYANHIDE', that i consider more like a projet than a band. The main reason for this, is that the band line-up has changed during this period (some persons came, went away then went back for instance; Some others were just there during an album). So i can't consider CYANHIDE as a monolithic band.
Nevertheless, three albums were released (see audio files to download below) and some gigs followed. From these period (that lasts more than ten years), i keep a taste of 'unachievement', considering we never went as far as we could go. We did a lot things with a lot of energy, but i'll say this was too much work. We were doing all by ourselves (self production), and this kiiled us somehere.
The CYANHIDE project was slowly suspended in the middle of the 00's, because of the lack of time and demotivation. To talk about me, i'll say that the birth of my two children kept me very busy and left me too few time to do something else seriously (try to play guitar beside a child of 4, and see what's hapenning...:) )
I seemed to me very important to take care of my children. It's a unic human experience, a train that pass only one time, a train i couldn't ignore. This cost me a lot of time, yes, but how could i face a mirror if i decided to sacrifice my children in the altar of selfishness ? But let's stay clear: during all these 'silent' years, i was obsessed by music, and there was not a single day i didn't think about it.
So here is this website where i present you some of my current work. It seems to me stupid not to release these songs that i wrote but never released ('Propaganda' songs).
Hope you'll enjoy, and new creations will follow... Now, i'm serioulsly learning drums. This take me a lot of time, and often i languish for playing my other instruments. It's not easy to do everything... !

Last titles (2015-2016)

In this section, you'll find the latest songs i'm working on. There are not completly finalized, but this is more than enough to let you feel where the wind blows...

  1. I was told (demo)
  2. Laugh Story (demo)
  3. ...

Mini-album "Propaganda" (2013)

'Propaganda' is a collecting of songs post-CYANHIDE, written (and firstly recorded) between 2003 and 2006. I mixed them again during 2013, with some new tools. These is the version you can now listen and download here.


The CYANHIDE project ended around 2006, after three albums (see below), some concerts In France, Belgium and Switzerland, and a staff that changed several times. We spent a lot of time repeating and enhancing the titles, designing concerts as small shows (with programmed lights synchronized on music for instance). We did all by ourselves, with no label behind us, all was self-producted. We were free, but it was quite a hard and a huge work.
It was an interesting period, in a constant changing context. Quite a good school in fact ! Our style evolved throw the albums. Some said we were doing something around Darkwave, Gothic-Rock, Industrial. Well, it's quite a mix of that, and maybe something more.

CYANHIDE (on bandcamp)


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